Monday, 4 July 2011

Style Icon - Kanye West

My published editorial -

 Kanye West. Lyrical genius, music producer, American Dream success story, style icon, and soon to be (or not, as the case may be) one of Central Saint Martin’s best – we salute you!

So far Mr West is our most contemporary  icon of style and his fast track to fashionable success has proved too great to ignore.

Starting off as a record producer and discovered by Jay-Z, Kanye started a music career all of his own which has seen him reach lofty highs. Collaborating with musical greats Alicia Keys, Ludacris and Janet Jackson, his five US number one albums all went platinum (receiving 14 Grammies in total) and he even founding his own record label GOOD Music with such artists on its books as John Legend.

It’s not just soulful gangster rap and electro pop that’s putting West on the map, and we shouldn’t dismiss Kanye West’s credibility as a true bastion of fashion because of his apparently rejected application to enrol on the prestigious Saint Martin’s MA course in fashion design.

His recent internship with Karl Largerfeld at Fendi and his strong presence on the front row of the world’s fashion shows has led to a fashion designing splurge. West has announced he is to stick with fashion, designing a collection of scarves inspired by his current album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in collaboration with the French design duo M/M.

His fascination with fashion has a deep rooted connection with the attention to detail he pays to his own image and style, which is nothing short of floorless. Kanye squarely has his feet in the two different camps; Modern American Dandy and cool kid, Casual (but never sloppy) Gangster Chic.

Not afraid of the finer fabrics and accessories of dressing like a gentleman, when Mr West wears a suit he’s rarely seen without a pocket square, neck tie or scarf and favours sharp crisp tailoring. He has also given new energy to the bow tie proving formal attire isn’t reserved for royalty or the stuffy establishment. Kanye, wouldn’t be Kanye without his modern twist on formal style – his signature eyewear. Whether it’s something more traditional with vintage flare, or his slatted plastic lenses he’s made face furniture his own.

On the other hand, he’s perfected the casual lounge wear favoured by R’n’B hip-hop moguls all over the globe. Sports jackets, varsity jackets, joggers, fur trim and jumped up high tops are a must!

What’s really key, of course is his self assured steely cool attitude and confidence whilst still being the upmost gentleman. Kanye has successfully conquered every challenge and career path he’s taken on and has proven to be the king of cool as well as a maverick of style.

By Sam Outing