Thursday, 14 July 2011

Style Icon - Miles Kane

My published editorial -

With his début solo album Colour of the Trap launching this week we thought it only right to give Miles Kane the fashion focus he deserves.

Still a fledging at 25 Miles is rapidly building a name for himself as the man on the British music scene to watch and has cultivated a sartorial style of his own. One that harks back to the social and cultural revolution of the Mod 60’s and hankers for a flavour of what real music and an honest band and brand identity is all about.

He is best known as the co-founder of The Last Shadow Puppets and former front man of The Rascals, but his career started at 18 with The Little Flames as guitarist. They gained notoriety touring with the new generation of British Indie Pop bands who would come to define the early Naughties like The Coral, The Zutons and Arctic Monkeys. This influential start gave Miles the chance to for fill his potential and after the breakup of The Little Flames he took on a more involved role in The Rascals as vocalist, lead guitarist and songwriter.

His success rocketed him to new heights and he’s currently pursuing a solo career, and continues to be a part of his side-project – The Last Shadow Puppets who have gained a huge cult following which is set to make Miles Kane an ambassador of modern British Indie Rock and a new face for the new decade.

As popular culture and history proves music and fashion have a symbiotic relationship and creating the perfect brand identity and style to represent you as a musician is just as important as the music you produce.

Miles has become a man synonymous with modern style and is a trendsetter with an ever growing fan base. His own look has drawn inspiration from many different places and people; Oasis, The Strokes, Serge Gainsbourgh, Paul Weller and the Beatles with a heavy nod to Mod fashion and that straight talking laddish image of 60’s cool-Britannia.

His distinctive Liverpudlian drawl, hints at his origins as a man who grew up under the shadow of the legendary Beatles who have proved hugely influential for Miles. His shaggy bob, which might look more Paul Weller than Ringo Star these days, but was a definite nod to the fab four.

His snappy style is clean and simple and keeps to a uniform of sharp fitted jackets, drainpipe jeans, crisp ironed shirts and a muted but confident colour scheme.

You get the feeling this is a young man who understands fashion and the connotations and symbolism it brings and has come to define the Modern Mod for a new generation but has added his own twist to an established and instantly recognisable style.

You can tell he’d look just as comfortable sitting on a Vespa in a bomber jacket and skin tight jeans darting through 60’s Soho as he did when we saw him last, at the Topman CNTL MX gig a few months back performing work from his new album.

If Miles Kane and his army of fans and fashionable friends like George Lamb have anything to do with it then fashion is making a sartorial turn back towards retro rock. His Mod top mop and Liverpudlian swagger make him a fashion force to watch and the front man for a new tribal trend.

By Sam Outing