Thursday, 1 September 2011

Style Icon - David Gandy

My published editorial - 
David Gandy, the fashion phenomenon, picked from obscurity and presented to us as the god like face of one of the world leading luxury fashion power houses this year celebrates 11 years in the making as a model, an icon and a fairy tale story of epic menswear proportions.
The fairy tale began as a boy, when ironically he was bullied at school for not being fashion forward, or one of the In Crowd and for having a bit of a speech impediment. It wasn’t until he graduated from university in 2001 that his life changed from Essex boy ugly duckling to international heart throb and iconic mega star. While David was busy enjoying himself in his dream summer job at car mag Auto Express (he’s a huge car geek for those of you who don’t read his Vogue Blog) his friends secretly entered him into a male modelling competition on Richard & Judy’s This Morning show. Not surprisingly David won and landed a contract with Select Model Management.
His first few years were not a shinning success, but eventually someone (that clever Italian duo) saw in David Gandy what we all thankfully do and a star was born. Dolce & Gabbana selected Gandy to front their ad campaign for their new fragrance Light Blue Pour Homme and subsequently he has become a brand name in his own right.
He’s had rapid success within the brand becoming the international face of menswear as well as working with some of the world most notorious super models like Naomi Campbell. He also worked on many other campaigns from Ermeregldo Zegna, Zara, Harpers Bazaar, Glamour, GQ Style and worked with some of the worlds top photographers like Mario Testino. Forbes Magazines even ranked Gandy as the third most successful male model in the world – quite an achievement for an unfashionable high school kid from Essex.
But what of Gandy’s own style? Well, his handsome smouldering good looks and perfectly tuned and sculpted body certainly help, but he also has a calming masculine confidence and charm which mirrors a style that is simple, elegant and impeccable.
His wardrobe has a strong emphasis on strong correctly tailored clothing, be it a jacket, suit or casual shirt and jeans.
His reliance on tailored clothing to accentuate his superhero-esque physique with it’s clean lines and silhouette is most apparent in his favoured staple, the two piece suit. However, for Gandy and any gentleman of good taste and a sense of style the attention is in the detail. He always adds something to give his outfit a signature David Gandy stamp of approval, whether it be a waistcoat or a scarf layered into the jacket. He also isn’t afraid to blur the edges of conventional menswear mixing formal separates with jeans or a simple (fitted) white T’s.

He’s also a man who values the importance of layering in his casual wear too, be it tweeds, woollen sweaters or leather bomber jackets it’s all done with an impeccable edit.
After an accolade like that, what’s not to love? Home grown, handsome, Grecian proportions and a personal style fit to challenge the best style icons history has to offer.
By Sam Outing

Style Icon - Pharrell Williams

My published editorial - 
Pharrell Williams comes from the school of multi talented successful black Americans musicians of his generations. A singer, rapper, record producer and composer as well a fashion designer, Pharrell has proven he’s a blinding success and passionate individual.
Along with friend Chad Hugo the musician they make up the record producing duo The Neptunes, who’s funky urban beats focus on hip hop and R&B and together with childhood friend Shay Haley, they complete the hip-hop-funk band N.E.R.D with Pharrell as the lead vocalist and drummer.
More recently Pharrell helped make up the band Child Rebel Soldier, but N.E.R.D put him on the map and made him a key player on the modern music scene releasing their debut single “Frontin” in 2003 and album “In My Life” in 2006. Along with the great and good of the genre (Jay-Z and Kanye West to name a few) he changed the face of pop-culture at the turn on the century. Money, sex, confidence and self worth along with relaxed cool and bling became the new world order and Pharrell’s young fresh face and handsome naughty puppy like looks helped prove him unstoppable.
But as far as icons go, in the style stakes Pharrell may not be an obvious choice. However, there is a lot to be said for flawlessly pulling off the perfectly put together ‘street’ look with ease. He has proved an icon of many young men who want to emulate ‘effortless cool’ which, if done correctly is seamless and by all account Pharrell has it down to a tee.
On the whole like another of our Style Icons, Kanye West, Pharrell has matured in his own tastes. From the baggy jeans and XXL crisp white t-shirts when hip-hop was at an all time high a few years ago to a now more discerning and formal wardrobe – the modern American gent – Pharrell seems to have mastered a style and taste of his own.
What gives Pharrell’s street-chic style its edge is the attention to detail and focus on bold colours and patterns. His use of layering and accessories like scarves, hats (baseball and trilby) and bandanas don’t distract form his looks, but enhance it giving a fresh depth and creativity to his style.

These stylised tweaks only add to the creativity of his music and ooze a confidence and charm that makes him stand out of the every day guy pimped up in hip-hop street style fashion that today often looks dated and out of touch. Partly what makes Pharrell so successful as an icon is how accessible his style is. Easily mimicked and translated into your own sort of ‘street wear’ it’s all about looking cool, relaxed and comfortable in your own skin. Saying that, he’s mastered dapper formal dress too proving a true icon is comfortable and effortless in anything. It’s the confidence and the ability to be able to construct a meticulously put together outfit that’s key.
This creativity and flair for fashion is evident in Pharrell’s own work as a fashion designer. Teaming up with the Japanese design craftsman Nigo, founder of The Bathing Ape/Bape brands Pharrell produced two lines of clothing called Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream in 2005 which have gone from strength to strength, even gaining cult following in the US and British markets.
In 2005 Pharrell was  voted the Best Dressed Male by Esquire magazine cementing his credibility and confidence as a force to be reckoned with.
By Sam Outing

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Style Icon - Don Draper

My published editorial -

 Never before has TSK featured a Icon who well, simply isn’t for want of a better word, real. Dynamic and mysterious, yes, but fictitious? No.

Every now and then a character so inspiring because of his wit and whole misdemeanour as well as a devilishly sharp and polished style has to make it though the sartorial net – who better to do so that the maddest of all Mad Men, Don Draper. To coincide with the launch of the BBC’s The Hour, which aired last night and is a spin off of the successful US franchise, we thought it only the done and proper thing to salute a masculine style icon who has epitomised an era in time and captivated audiences so successfully.

Those of you who don’t know (the rest of us will try to forgive you – but it’s really your own ignorant fault) Don Draper is the lead protagonist in  the American TV drama based in early 1960’s Manhattan in a top dog-eat-dog Madison Avenue Ad Agency. The show itself is flawless and captures the 60’s in all it’s political, social and visual glory. Blatant sexism, homophobia and racism go hand in hand with post war optimism, hedonism and an overwhelmingly sexually charged environment where the new and old orders collide. Mix with heavy drinking night and day, endless smoking and a wardrobe to die for and you have a sartorial recipe for success.


At the centre of it all played by the handsome, dishevelled and puppy like Jon Hamm is Donald Draper who in contrast is a constantly internally conflicted but outwardly confident (even arrogant) brooding, smouldering man. On the surface Draper is devastatingly attractive with deep sparkling eyes, a gravely rich voice, confrontational stare and an impeccable sharp suit proving the embodiment of the strong, silent type. His chauvinistic manner and disregard for human frailty combining with a manipulative animalistic urge to get what he wants is matched with an irresistible charismatic charming, over powering sexual magnetism and fear of his own shadow.

The real power of the Hamm/Draper colab is that combined, they have made all men fall in love with the suit again. A neglected wardrobe essential for the discerning man who takes his attire seriously the suit has become a focal point for men to show off the physique, personal style and appreciation of fine tailoring and design classics. When we look at Draper though, we don’t just want to look like him, but we pine for the past that he emulates. A past that for most of us has only been attainable though vintage advertising or family photos and news reels.

Draper evokes a time were men dressed like men and were proud of it. From a tailored suit (grey, single breasted with that classic streamlined 60’s cut- very Ivy League), freshly starched shirt and impeccably polished shoes to the additional, but essential personal nuances; a pocket square, knitted tie, tie clips and a desk draw packed with fresh shirts in case you’re faced with an all-nighter, waking up in the loving arm of a women who’s not your wife.

That’s another reason we love Draper – he’s a cad and a complete womanising scoundrel. Despite this, women love him. Because he’s fictional Draper can get away with things most men wouldn’t dream of and because of this, men love him too. He’s every man’s alter-ego, the fantasy us we could never be but hope our Grandfather’s were. Women want him and we want to be him.

In this case fiction proves too irresistible to refuse – particularly when he’s sipping a strong drink, looking seamless and brutish in a moody bar.

By Sam Outing

Style Icon - Richard Gere

My published editorial -

 From Philadelphia, to the London stage and back to America and the splendour of Hollywood Richard Gere has become the epitome of 1980’s masculine cool.

As a ladies man and sensational romantic heart throb he was the man of the decade; seductive, charming, handsome and perfectly turned out in the appropriate YUPPIE trends, Gere gave the girls someone to swoon and romanticise over and gave the boys a style icon with wit and charisma to idolise and embody.

Three films summarise Gere’s success and iconic status; American Gigolo, Pretty Woman and The Officer and the Gentleman.

These films, with there sex appeal and flare of the decade of excess that was the 80’s gave Gere the edge and the embodiment of many words that come to summaries the age; money, success, sex and flirtation.
All three films ooze Gere’s natural charm and cool, confident misdemeanour but one in particular launched his career as a Hollywood star and made him the icon of men’s style with alluring confident he is famed for. American Gigolo.

In American Gigolo, Richard Gere plays the well chiselled and sexually confident gigolo who can seduce and give sexual gratification to any woman he wants. After all, every man has one talent, right?
The plot has the normal high and low of a Hollywood block buster and of course the necessary love interested (Lauren Hutton), but what makes the biggest impact in the film (yes, part from his impeccable body, charm and killer theme tune) is his perfectly put together wardrobe. Seamless in style as he is in looks and in the bedroom department Julian Kay (Gere) boasted a preppy and perfectly constructed look.

Julian Kay was debonair and soave and proved it with a lifestyle and personal style that reflected it. His wardrobe was refined, the attention in the clean cut colour coordination and capsule collection of perfectly matching pieces. Always seen in tailored suits in various stages of undress in shades of grey, charcoal and chocolate brown with matching ties and shirts so crisp and body hugging that very little was left to the imagination.

The trousers were appropriately high-waisted for the films 1980 release and everything from his soft top, wrist watch, and the beautiful women he seduced suggested Kay was a smooth talking gentleman with an eye of style and good taste lapping up his luxurious and hedonistic lifestyle with confidence.

Kay had a distinctive American preppy look with a flare of European elegance; think Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren meets Armani.

In any of these three film with three very difference roles, Gere delivered everything a woman wanted; a confidence, seductive and handsome man who takes great pride in his appearance (but with no fuss) who also has a sensitive and venerable side. There to rescue and be rescued himself.

By Sam Outing

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Style Icon - JFK

My published editorial -

 Mr John Fitzgerald “Jack” Kennedy 1917 – 1963, but JFK to his friends and the world at large who all seemed to cherish and admire him was America’s 35th President serving just three years from 1961 – 63 until his assassination. For a man with such a short flurry if the public’s eye he made a heavy and influential mark on history as well as society and style, proving iconic and unforgettable.

As well as welcoming in the new world of optimism and American national pride after the war, his sort term in office was also  amassed by hugely historic events from the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Space Race, the building on the Berlin Wall and the beginning of Vietnam and the American Civil Right Movement.

This turbulence did nothing to shake JFK’s resolve and he carried himself with firm confidence and casual relaxed nonchalance that put the country at ease. With this natural sense of dignity the Kennedy’s where seen as the nearest thing the American’s had to royalty. JFK’s family were shrouded in political clout and Jacqueline Kennedy, a Bouvier came from America’s social elite and they carried and presented themselves accordingly with all the expected charm and elegance of their class.

The Kennedy’s were the IT couple for the early 60’s and represented the iconic nuclear family of WASP-ish America which was forever immortalised in the advertising campaigns by the Mad Men of Madison Avenue. She was graceful devoted and demure and he was confident, calm and a born leader.

JFK also became the poster boy, along side other iconic men of the era like Paul Newman and Steve Queen for what was popularly coined the Ivy League Look which as a style came to represent what was at the heart of the American people; decency, modernity and confidence. Originated in the universities of the US East Coast the Ivy League Look had a simple clean silhouette built out of a compact capsule wardrobe that every man could construct and keep to.

Kennedy’s style was easily defined and is simple to imitate because of its simplicity and masculinity, a strict attention to detail and no fuss. Clean, sharp and understated it comprised of sharp narrow tailored suits (think Brookes Brother’s) with tight shoulders and a relaxed body favouring two button single breasted jackets in black or charcoal with a narrow tie. The other side of his wardrobe was classic and casual and came to define lounge wear for the man’s man of the mid-twentieth century.

Boat shoes (Sebago’s we hope), loafers, rolled up chinos or slacks just above the ankle, wayfarer sunglasses and a cable knit sweater or sports jacket. Practical, but with a strong design ethic Kennedy created a look of youthful power at play.

He was the epitome of modern America with all the honour of the age as a Second World War hero and a man who loved the finer things in life but also represented family, and devotion, not just to his own but to a nation and sartorially will for ever be seen as an icon of a time so specific in history that he’ll never be forgotten. A brave hero and ambassador for a positive new generation he summed up the youth and energy of a country and gave the Ivy League it’s national emblem of pride.

By Sam Outing

A Big Splash

My published editorial -

Paul Smith have collaborated with the London based guide to trends, fashion and the arts Urban Junkie to create A Big Splash – a guide to the worlds most interesting and inspiring swimming destination.


There couldn’t be a better collaboration for Urban Junkie than the arbiter of British menswear and dandy cool than Paul Smith. The guide promotes a varied mix of places all over the globe from luxury pool and spa’s to the rugged outdoors.


Starting with London’s very own Hyde Park’s Serpentine for a healthy a brisk outdoors swim the guide jet sets around America via Las Vegas’s newest resort on the strip The Cosmopolitan which  boasts three pools, a desert island and casino, The Hamptons in New York and the Big Sur in San Fran. UJ continue the tour back through Europe and some of the continents hot spots like The Ritz in Paris and Bulgari Hotel in Milan and finally ending in The East stopping off and W Hotel in Hong Kong which has one of the worlds highest roof top swimming pools.

w hotel hong kong

Along the way Paul Smith promote there latest swimwear rang Swim to ensure where ever you are in the world you’re best dressed and waving the flag for cool Britannia.

By Sam Outing

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Style Icon - David Beckham

My published editorial -

 David Beckham; a name, a face, a brand, an inspiration. So iconic and ingrained in our psyche he’s become as famous and notorious our other much loved household brands as well as the ones he’s put his name too. From 90’s tracksuit wearing hero of the work classes and lisp-y East-end lad to football superstar, British brand ambassador, international heartthrob and icon.

His transformation from the pitch to his now explosive status as an instantly recognisable brand and his long lasting relationship with Victoria (Posh Spice) Beckham who also rose from nothing to international stardom, has made Beck’s so iconic and loveable. After all us Brit’s love tails of the triumphant under dog and a rags to richest success story.

He possesses a steely cool persona and a relaxed nonchalance and grounded calm approach to his life and career. This with his cheeky grin, sultry sexy body and an overwhelming sense of determination has made him the icon he is today.

David’s success began when he joined the Brimsdown Rovers youth team and fame followed with Manchester United at only 17. His time there bought the team huge success winning the Premier League 6 times, the FA Cup twice and the UEFA Championship League and was made captain of the English squad. Subsequently his talents were seized by top international teams; Real Madrid, AC Milan and LA Galaxy.

Beck’s success didn’t stop with footie and unashamedly became the embodiment of the modern man – a metrosexual. On the pitch Beckham loves being in the thick of it but is just as comfortable being one of the lads as he is taking care of himself and loves to pamper and preen. Self assured in his own masculinity he takes pride in his appearance and is famed for enjoying regular pedicures and has a physic and wardrobe to rival that of any A-list LA celeb and his fashionista wife.

Once again Beckham proves the sign of a true style icon isn’t just to pull of a signature look flawlessly, but to look perfectly at ease in anything. From sharp suits to sportswear, leather, workmen’s boots, sarongs and the skimpiest of skimpy swimsuits Beckham gives it his all and manages to look both smouldering and endearing. These naturally god-like looks have seen him springboard into lucrative world of modelling and advertising where he has become synonymous with sex appeal and style.

Key to his iconic status is his dedication to keeping on trend as well as knowing the basics about menswear and dress. He also isn’t scared to break the fashion rulebook every once and a while and has the confidence to pull it off.

Beck’s is back in Britain with family in toe and another bouncing baby on the way (with God parents like Elton John how could a little bit of iconic stardust not rub off on you) and we couldn’t be happier. A home grown success story for a nation to be proud of he’s a loving dad and caring husband (we’ll ignore the nanny incident) with an obvious compassion for humanity with ground breaking projects like the David Beckham Academy football school.

Combined with his alluring persona and polished, dare devil approach to fashion he’s more than proved he deserves a place in the TSK Icon’s hall of fame. The TSK team also won’t be surprised if we hear the words ‘Arise Sir Beckham’ sometime soon – we say an OBE simply doesn’t do the Adonis justice!

By Sam Outing

Floral Footwear

My published editorial -

 If you’ve ever wondered what a collaboration between nearly 40 years of American sporting history and elegant timeless British design looks like look know further, we have the perfect thing!

Liberty of London, the iconic and most quintessential of all British brands have teamed up with the famed sporting heavy weight Nike to produce a capsule collection of limited edition designs which are proving a seasonal must have.

Launched on the 1st of April, the collection is the biggest yet in the collaborations three year history. Previous incarnations were released in the spring of 2008 with the original Liberty Dunks (and Blazers that followed in 2009) which were an immediate hit across the world; but very limited numbers meant these highly sought-after goodies proved to exclusive and sadly many missed out.

This time the two brands have gone above and beyond to create the most accessible and dynamic collection yet. The fusion of the vibrant floral and geometric Liberty Print patterns juxtapose perfectly with the clean lines and sharp character of Nike. Particular favorites are the Skinny Dunk Hi Premium High Tops and Air Force One Trainers. Both huge Nike icons, the Liberty effect gives them a new edginess and a playful softness.

The Air Force 1
The legendary AF1, Is a classic hoop shoe and has become one of Nikes most legendary products. Now known the world over as THE basketball shoe of choice its clean and timeless design continues to prove unstoppable.

The Dunk
First released in 1985, the Nike Dunk is a basketball shoe, a skate shoe, a BMX shoe, a vintage shoe and a piece of sporting history all rolled up in one. This new revamp continues a tradition of redefining the identity of sport and design and gives new life to these historic brands.

Remember – be hot on the heels of this limited addition collection; with summer defiantly here to stay everyone wants a piece of fancy floral footwear.

By Sam Outing

Style Icon - Ayrton Senna de Silva

My published editorial -

 Ayrton Senna de Silva, is immortalised in one of the most exhilarating films of the summer – Senna. He was a motor racing phenomenon and forced to be reckoned with, taking speed, power, flippant charm and arrogance to a new level. Ultimately his exaggerated sense of his own mortality was his own demise and his life was cut short in a terrible crash making him a legend of the track and a representative of how self destructive being driven by our own success and ego can be. An Incurs for the 20th Century.


Widely regarded as one of the greatest drivers of all time he was a three time Formula One world champion until the 1994 San Marino Grand Pix and the crash that killed him. This did not just make him the last driver to ever die at the wheel of a Formula One racer but set his name in stone as a bastion of the sport as well as one of the great tragedies of racing, dying at only 34.

But what was it that gave Senna his edge and what was commonly seem as unstoppable charm and supper human ability to win and why should he appear on TSK’s Icon list?

Brazilian born Senna came to Europe to drive professionally in 1978, for filling a childhood passion of racing and speed. In the end though, this passion soon became an obsession. His goal was to drive fast and beat everyone with an over riding desire to be number one. Like a man possessed he put everything into his career, to the point were winning wasn’t enough and even in pole position he pushed himself and his car the limits. It was as if the man was blinded by success but this obvious passion, energy and contempt wasn’t just a personal struggle Senna had with himself but something so intoxicating and breathtaking to witness he became iconic, as the man who cheated death and relished in the glories of winning.

He was a living incarnation of some of Hollywood’s great and good on screen like Steve McQueen in The Great Escape or The Thomas Crown Affair; dashing, masculine and a dare devil who was blinded by his own success. Rarely seen out of his red McLaren racing suit and baseball cap he’s not famous for being a follower of fashion or a trendsetter, but with heavy set, stormy features like another TSK’s icons James Franco and the charisma and charm of a born winner his style and status didn’t need to be dependant on what he wore or how he dressed.

Full of bravado and living for speed he wore his helmet and moved his car with such pride, precision and determination he was a sensation.


The feature-length documentary is about speed, danger, tension and masculine aggression and a heartthrob full on youthful energy and a complete disregard for life. This combined with Senna’s remarkable story, pieced together by director Mr Kapadi make it a cinematic triumph. And if this year’s Sundance Film Festival is anything to do by it already is.

Released last Friday – 3rd of June it’s this months must have movie.

By Sam Outing

Style Icon - Steve McQueen

My published editorial -

 Nicknamed “The King of Cool” it would be foolish to not give Steve McQueen special attention. His flawlessly mixed persona of masculine, all American bad boy meets steely cool sensitive gent makes him a timeless icon and a role model for all guys who want to epitomise what it is to be a well turned out no nonsense mans man.

His box office draw (making him the highest-paid film star of his time) came in the 1960’s and 70’s at the height of Vietnam counterculture were he developed an anti-hero persona in such iconic film as The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, Tower Inferno and The Thomas Crown Affair. He also received an Academy Award Nomination for his stella performance in The Sand Pebbles.

As a method actor McQueen took every role seriously taking it upon himself to embody his characters completely. That sense of dedication and commitment has made his performances timeless and believable. Steve McQueen’s sense of engagement and loyalty to his profession made his bi-polar wardrobe work so well. From casual care free lad on a motorbike (Great Escape), to a perfectly turned out gent (The Thomas Crown Affair) he looked effortless, confidently self-assured and cool.

An ex-military man and keen racer, McQueen supported him self though acting school competing in motorcycle races and was famed for being his own stunt man. This military back ground and dare evil person came though in some of his most heroic roles like in Tower Inferno.
steve-mcqueen & Faye Dunway
It was however The Thomas Crown Affair that gave Steve McQueen his sartorial style status, moving from renegade masculine hero to mysterious and polished anti-hero and dangerous playboy. The film was particularly memorable for its glamorous love interest, Miss Faye Dunaway and the heavily stylised sets, locations and fashion.

His look had a split personality, but this gave McQueen the edge. He was a chameleon who had the charm and charisma to pull off anything, becoming the perfected rugged bad boy meets Ivy League cognisor. He excelled at taking classic American sportswear and giving it a rugged, masculine edge and his many trademark styles included Aviators or Persol’s, slim-cut tailored suits, windbreakers, button-down shirts and shawl-collared cardigans, as well as the odd polo. His love to motorsports meant he loved clothing he could get down and dirty in too, such as racing jackets, white cotton T-shirts, leather jackets, gloves and boots.

Genuine and self assured he boasted a rugged and boisterous personality, with great charisma and charm which proved to make him unstoppable. He was a man deemed so iconic for his style that Rolex named their high-spec Explorer watch after him – officially branding it the McQueen Rolex and he was also the first man to ever appear on the cover of Harpers Bazaar.

If that isn’t worthy of being a style icon we don’t know what is, but he certainly remains the King of Cool and the perfect role model for all men.

By Sam Outing

Edwin for Liberty

My published editorial -

Collaboration is something Liberty likes. A lot. To be frank they should – they’re great at it. As a brand Liberty are tasteful and carefully selective when it comes to the people, places and things they opt to share their patent prints with.

Edwin For Liberty seems the perfect match. Edwin boasting a formidable history as one of Japan’s oldest leading luxury denim bands and having made a name for itself as an international symbol of authenticity, craftsmanship and innovation.

These Edwin classic ED-55 denim’s have been crafted with their exclusive 140z Japanese Red Salvage twill and have been given the perfect finishing touch and seal of approval with details in the pockets and waist band sticking in trade mark Liberty Print.

It’s not just the twill that’s is exclusive – launched in store today with only 100 pairs made to coincide with Liberty’s new menswear denim room they are in hot demand and short supple!

To pick up a pair visit of contact the store; +44 (0)207 734 1234

By Sam Outing

Topman - Personal Shopping

My published editorial -

 Last night TheStyleKing attended the launch of the latest edition to the Topman empire – It’s first ever Personal Shopping service for men at the Oxford Circus flagship store. The service boasts a private suit in store designed by interior and product designer Lee Boom which looks stunning with a new-age-vintage-feel (Topman down to a T) and a brand new team of ten savvy experts to meet the demands of London’s discerning male shopping literati.

The Personal Shoppers are an elite team of fashion insiders pinched from a wide mix of established brands coming together to give a tailored, personal service (might we add completely free of charge) specific to your fashion purchasing needs.

With the ever growing interesting and focus on menswear, particularly at the high street Topman have been the first to tap into personal shopping which until now has been a luxury designer boutique exclusive. Topman’s Personal Shopping service brings the latest trends, styles and wardrobe essentials to guys across the board in a welcoming environment with a hint of sartorial London luxe.


The whole vibe of the space and its charming new team is very much of a sexy and masculine sophisticated bar or private members club and oozes with the Topman ethos; cool, current, on trend and confident. With three different services; 30min Express, 1hr Edit (Style Update) and the 2hr Experience (wardrobe overhaul) there is something for everyone – from the style savvy and fashion conscious to the less informed but curious and keen shopper.

Swing by and kick back with a bottle of beer, a play on the X-box and enjoying a bit of retail therapy and pampering at one of the worlds leading menswear emporiums and wave the torch for British innovation and cool.

Appointments can be made over the telephone by calling on; 0844 322 1390

Or online at shopping

By Sam Outing

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Style Icon - Miles Kane

My published editorial -

With his d├ębut solo album Colour of the Trap launching this week we thought it only right to give Miles Kane the fashion focus he deserves.

Still a fledging at 25 Miles is rapidly building a name for himself as the man on the British music scene to watch and has cultivated a sartorial style of his own. One that harks back to the social and cultural revolution of the Mod 60’s and hankers for a flavour of what real music and an honest band and brand identity is all about.

He is best known as the co-founder of The Last Shadow Puppets and former front man of The Rascals, but his career started at 18 with The Little Flames as guitarist. They gained notoriety touring with the new generation of British Indie Pop bands who would come to define the early Naughties like The Coral, The Zutons and Arctic Monkeys. This influential start gave Miles the chance to for fill his potential and after the breakup of The Little Flames he took on a more involved role in The Rascals as vocalist, lead guitarist and songwriter.

His success rocketed him to new heights and he’s currently pursuing a solo career, and continues to be a part of his side-project – The Last Shadow Puppets who have gained a huge cult following which is set to make Miles Kane an ambassador of modern British Indie Rock and a new face for the new decade.

As popular culture and history proves music and fashion have a symbiotic relationship and creating the perfect brand identity and style to represent you as a musician is just as important as the music you produce.

Miles has become a man synonymous with modern style and is a trendsetter with an ever growing fan base. His own look has drawn inspiration from many different places and people; Oasis, The Strokes, Serge Gainsbourgh, Paul Weller and the Beatles with a heavy nod to Mod fashion and that straight talking laddish image of 60’s cool-Britannia.

His distinctive Liverpudlian drawl, hints at his origins as a man who grew up under the shadow of the legendary Beatles who have proved hugely influential for Miles. His shaggy bob, which might look more Paul Weller than Ringo Star these days, but was a definite nod to the fab four.

His snappy style is clean and simple and keeps to a uniform of sharp fitted jackets, drainpipe jeans, crisp ironed shirts and a muted but confident colour scheme.

You get the feeling this is a young man who understands fashion and the connotations and symbolism it brings and has come to define the Modern Mod for a new generation but has added his own twist to an established and instantly recognisable style.

You can tell he’d look just as comfortable sitting on a Vespa in a bomber jacket and skin tight jeans darting through 60’s Soho as he did when we saw him last, at the Topman CNTL MX gig a few months back performing work from his new album.

If Miles Kane and his army of fans and fashionable friends like George Lamb have anything to do with it then fashion is making a sartorial turn back towards retro rock. His Mod top mop and Liverpudlian swagger make him a fashion force to watch and the front man for a new tribal trend.

By Sam Outing

BLITZ Party London

My published editorial -

 Keep Calm & Carry On!

Londoner’s are famed for their fighting spirit against the odds and in adversity. In the current uncertain economic climate it seems only natural that we look back to a time where a stiff upper lip and a jolly good knees up were essential for survival.

Welcome to Blitz Party London, for those with a hankering for nostalgia and love of getting dressed up to the nines and dancing the night away to banish the doom and gloom.

Blitz Party is a 1940’s Battle of Britain/Blitz themed club night in the heart of east London’s (once, very bomb battered) Shoreditch and is the perfect escape from reality. Never have we seen such a flawless, orchestrated themed night; the period live bands, authentic beers, plenty of gin based cocktails and sand bags lining the walls captured the intoxicating spirit of war time London under the railway arches of club Village Underground.

But what really caught our eye were the outfits. So often with compulsory costume nights the girls rule the roost; red lipstick, drawn on stockings and tea dresses everywhere. But, what wowed the TSK troops were the gent’s transformation, suited and booted, their carefully pieced together uniforms stole the show!

It’s rare these days for guys to publicly enjoy taking such care in their fashion and fancy dress, but not at The Blitz Party. What The Blitz Party gives guys, is the perfect chance to man up, play the hero and be the medal wearing knight in shining armour.

Uniform and ceremony were key and on full display as the guys dressed up and played soldiers for the night, whisking up their romantic wartime sweethearts in officers uniforms. Fundamentally it was sexy – after all, who can refuse a man in uniform?

If you are lucky enough to have a ticket for this Saturday nights Blitz Party then TheStyleKing guarantees you a bloody marvellous night full of war time fun and enough bunting and Glen Miller to shake a Union Jack at.

By Sam Outing

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Style Icon - Mick Jagger

My published editorial -

 Mick Jagger’s cheeky and scandalous reputation made him a rock legend and icon of alternative popular culture in the later half of last century. As well as being a chart success with a solo career and the group that took him to fame, The Rolling Stones, Jagger became a symbol of rebellion against the establishment and a style icon for a generation.

In the early 1960’s The Rolling Stones became an international sensation and with Mick as the front man and vocalist they proved unstoppable. As well as instantly recognisable hits like (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, which was immortalised by the infamous Patsy Stone in Absolutely Fabulous (the BBC TV show with cult following about two washed up rock and roll hippie’s who now, bitter and alone work in fashion) they coined the antiestablishment bad boy image.

Everything from alleged drug abuse, tax evasion and two very tempestuous marriages to Bianca Jagger and Jerry Hall (the later breaking Bryan Ferry’s heart – maybe giving him the just cause for his own soulful and successful career) gave an already sultry and devastatingly attractive Mick an added sex appeal and sense of danger the British music scene so desperately needed.

Heavy set bone structure, a seductive gaze and a bad boy image plus his personal style which oozed care free arrogance gave Mick a fresh edge.

Far from being a masculine heartthrob, Jagger possessed an androgynous, bordering on camp trademark style. Even in his 60’s his slender frame proves captivating and alien and gave birth to the gaunt rock and roll silhouette which is so distinctive today.

His cultivated bad boy image was up against stiff competition from the 1960’s Beatle-mania which had defined the decade. With their pop music, clean-cut attitude, polished suits and bob hair The Beatles were a far cry from what The Rolling Stones were all about – Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll.

But by the late 1960’s the rock legend was born and his shaggy care free hair style was the tamest thing about his look. Make up, pierced ears, leather, skin tight t-shirts and jeans so shinny that nothing was left to the imagination became his signature style. Encompassing everything from 70’s glam rock, disco and punk, Mick Jagger became a new kind of celebrity who relished in scandal and pushed again the chains of conformity.

Mick Jagger proved you didn’t need to be butch or overtly masculine to be named a style icon and that sex appeal and charisma goes a long way. He opened up the definition of masculinity and gave birth to modern youth cultures idea of expression and self identity.

By Sam Outing

Festival De Cannes - Best Dressed

My published editorial -

As yesterday marked the end of the film event of the year we thought it only right to give you our pick of the best dressed men from the festivities. This the 64th Cannes Film Festival saw the chaps making as much of an effort as the ladies – proving there really is nothing sexier than a dashing man in a correctly tailored and sharply cut suit.

1. Jude Law
Hosting an opening ceremony is never an easy feet, particular at an event as prestigious as this one, but Jude Law as always pulled it off effortlessly looking dashing in a traditional tux with the TSK favoured white bow tie. Sophisticated and classic – he proved the perfect bastion for Britain.

2. Johnny Depp
Depp opted for a more sartorial take on traditional red carpet attire this year wearing an open white tuxedo jacket and open necked shirt over a dark suit paying close attention to detail with a pocket watch and his signature sunnies.

3. Brad Pitt
Trooping the trend of white men’s suiting this season as well as the ever growing (pun intended) popularity for facial hair, Pitt pulled off this relaxed combo with stylish ease. We particularly like his amber tinted sunglasses with tortoise shell frames. A SS11 must!

4. Jon Hamm
He’s done it again – proving he really is the sharpest looking man in a suit. But, no 1960’s Ivy League sartorial fashion statements here (roll on Mad Men season 5), instead Hamm looked poised and on trend with next seasons menswear must have – the double breasted suit.

5. Max Irons
Rising star (Red Riding Hood) and bright young thing from Britain Max Irons, looked relaxed and cool in this slim fitting simple black two piece suit and tie.

By Sam Outing