Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Style Icon - David Beckham

My published editorial -

 David Beckham; a name, a face, a brand, an inspiration. So iconic and ingrained in our psyche he’s become as famous and notorious our other much loved household brands as well as the ones he’s put his name too. From 90’s tracksuit wearing hero of the work classes and lisp-y East-end lad to football superstar, British brand ambassador, international heartthrob and icon.

His transformation from the pitch to his now explosive status as an instantly recognisable brand and his long lasting relationship with Victoria (Posh Spice) Beckham who also rose from nothing to international stardom, has made Beck’s so iconic and loveable. After all us Brit’s love tails of the triumphant under dog and a rags to richest success story.

He possesses a steely cool persona and a relaxed nonchalance and grounded calm approach to his life and career. This with his cheeky grin, sultry sexy body and an overwhelming sense of determination has made him the icon he is today.

David’s success began when he joined the Brimsdown Rovers youth team and fame followed with Manchester United at only 17. His time there bought the team huge success winning the Premier League 6 times, the FA Cup twice and the UEFA Championship League and was made captain of the English squad. Subsequently his talents were seized by top international teams; Real Madrid, AC Milan and LA Galaxy.

Beck’s success didn’t stop with footie and unashamedly became the embodiment of the modern man – a metrosexual. On the pitch Beckham loves being in the thick of it but is just as comfortable being one of the lads as he is taking care of himself and loves to pamper and preen. Self assured in his own masculinity he takes pride in his appearance and is famed for enjoying regular pedicures and has a physic and wardrobe to rival that of any A-list LA celeb and his fashionista wife.

Once again Beckham proves the sign of a true style icon isn’t just to pull of a signature look flawlessly, but to look perfectly at ease in anything. From sharp suits to sportswear, leather, workmen’s boots, sarongs and the skimpiest of skimpy swimsuits Beckham gives it his all and manages to look both smouldering and endearing. These naturally god-like looks have seen him springboard into lucrative world of modelling and advertising where he has become synonymous with sex appeal and style.

Key to his iconic status is his dedication to keeping on trend as well as knowing the basics about menswear and dress. He also isn’t scared to break the fashion rulebook every once and a while and has the confidence to pull it off.

Beck’s is back in Britain with family in toe and another bouncing baby on the way (with God parents like Elton John how could a little bit of iconic stardust not rub off on you) and we couldn’t be happier. A home grown success story for a nation to be proud of he’s a loving dad and caring husband (we’ll ignore the nanny incident) with an obvious compassion for humanity with ground breaking projects like the David Beckham Academy football school.

Combined with his alluring persona and polished, dare devil approach to fashion he’s more than proved he deserves a place in the TSK Icon’s hall of fame. The TSK team also won’t be surprised if we hear the words ‘Arise Sir Beckham’ sometime soon – we say an OBE simply doesn’t do the Adonis justice!

By Sam Outing