Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Stylish Dad's

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 This weekend marks a mile stone in the annual calendar for Father’s and there adoring offspring to celebrate the huge privilege and honour of being a Dad. TSK brings you our top 5 Dad’s – the men in the public eye who proudly proclaim fatherhood and make the perfect role models for all aspiring Dad’s to be.

All of these men have similar qualities, all having been hugely successful, made names for them selves, created a secure nest egg of their kids, but all these guys also share one of the most redeeming features about being a Dad – the perfect blend of masculinity and sincere manliness mixed with a tender nurturing side, proving they’re full of all the love and dedication needed for this sacred and honourable role. (They’re all rather dashing and sexy too – please take note for future reference.)

Colin Firth – Proving he is a man of substance and not just a soppy romantic heartthrob, even though a steamy brooding Dad might appeal to some, he’s proven he can be versatile in his roles as an actor (the positive move from Mr Darcy to A Single Man and The King’s Speech), shows he’s committed and always looking to better himself and leads by example.

Jude Law – He may not be the most loyal of husband, but his adultery has never hindered his capabilities as a Dad. Charming, cheeky and sophisticated Mr Law is frequently seen pottering around Primrose Hill with his sprogs in a heart melting moment of normality, giving an added oomph to the term DILF.

David Beckham – A rags to riches fairytale Beck’s has given his kids one of the best gift a Dad can give – a better life than he had as a child. Sexy, cool, in tune with his feminine side and a proclaimed metrosexual, he’s also an ambassador for Britain and TSK Tower’s are over the moon he has another bouncing baby on the way.

Brad Pitt – What more is there to say? The name speaks volumes. With an entourage of children Brad and Angelina have created a new look family of the new century having adopted as well as having their own – a united international family for an ever shrinking and tightly knit global community.

Johnny Depp – Depp, keeping his family out of the public eye, hidden in the innocence tranquillity of the French countryside has given his kid’s privacy and the opportunity to forge a life and identity of their own despite his international fame and fortune. He also brings the realms of childhood fantasy to life in his films keeping alive that most powerful of life skills – imagination.

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By Sam Outing.