Friday, 8 July 2011

Stylish Life - Francis Kurkdjian

 My published editorial -

 Francis Kurkdjian, the contemporary Parisian perfumer who has wowed us with his fresh and tantalising new scents and modern approach to perfumery has given us an exclusive incite into his Stylish Life while touring the launch of his new perfume Aqua Universalis forte. Quoted in saying he was draw to fragrance because of a succession of failure and finally fragrance is the perfect fit. it would seems he has a natural nose for mixing seductive scents.

He is also a traditionalist and purist when it comes to style and the way people should live their lives, believing style isn’t just something you wear or somewhere you go, but a way of living your life to the full. Dignity, culture, style and taste – with out all four you’ve got nothing.

“Every moment in your life should be connected to a great or little moment of joy – to be that is the definition of luxury. It isn’t just the expensive watch, hand bag, or what ever, because this is too materialistic. The 21st Century to me, is more about refinement and taste. I may be old fashion and old school. But this is what I love and this is what I believe in. You must have fun and feel wonderful doing it.”

In 2009 he opened his stand alone boutique on Paris’s Rue d’Alger and has a concession in Liberty, London finest niche luxury destination if you feel the need to add a touch of luxury and charm into your own lives this summer.

Your favourite city in the world? Paris – For work and pleasure. It’s my home and I have my friends there – I’m happiest anywhere with my friends. We are a very close tight knit group.

And the thing you must see/do when in that city? Where ever I have my friends with me is where I am having the time of my life – they make life worth living and my time spent anywhere enjoyable. Friends and strong personal relationships make a destination enjoyable.
charvet parisFavourite boutique? It would never be for a fragrance – I don’t by fragrance at all. But for fashion, I have two favourite brands and boutiques; for my high quality and luxurious shirts I go to Charvet – these would be my very formal shirts, or Dior. Then everything else comes from a tiny shop in Paris across the street from my boutique, Avedis on Rue Saint-Honore which only sells Italian designers which I love because of the slim streamlined tailoring – I’m very slim. They also have a tailoring department which is great. Much better than strolling into Abercrombie & Fitch…


Favourite department store? I’m not keen on department stores – they always seem busy and stressful in less you go very early in the morning, but if I had to pick it would be…
In London, it has to be Liberty.
In New York it’s Bergdorf Goodman – this is why we decided to open a franchise in Bergdorf because I’ve always been a Bergdorf shopper.
Your favourite bar in the world, and the drink you would order there? I tend not to drink or social publicly any more, preferring intimate and personal, private socialising. If I have to, maybe some of the top hotels with there lobby or saloon bars but I much prefer home entertaining…I hate bars.

The place/location/person you feel most inspired for your work? It would have to be my entire family – they are my biggest inspiration. They are cool, fashionable and funky, all with great personalities and charm. You could write a book on them, about everything they did and went though. My father was a scientist and one of the first people in France to deal with computers in the late 1950’s and 60’s – the house was always full of the latest gadgets and electronics. My mother was very much into fashion and my Grandfather was a tailor and should have been on Savile Row so the family is a wonderful mix of crazy artistic flare, with other relatives having been successful musicians and technology. Perfect inspirational diversity.
Your ultimate car/favoured mode of transport. On the arm of my lover…otherwise I miss the glamour and romance of tradition travel; the 1930’s Atlantic cruise liners and the time and effort it took. I was lucky enough to fly on Concorde 15 years ago – it was very chic. But now, it’s all about low cost travelling and everything is about being cheap and quick. I miss elegance and the glamour of luxurious travel. The style and charm which now is gone.

Your travel essentials; I have a travelling out fit for the plane. I hate people who don’t arrive in style. I have to arrive in style, but I always travel comfortably and change on the plane. Cashmere sweatpants and beanie, a scarf to wrap round my neck to protect me in flight and my wallet and passport and I’m good to go!

What inspires you in your work? My own failure

Favourite restaurant and the best dish to order there. I don’t go out – I cook and I love to cook. I naturally have to eat out for work, but when I can escape I cook, one of my loves is cooking and creating something beautiful and delicious. I love to stay at home and cook, because cooking is a way clearing my head from the day – the perfect stress relief.  You have to focus and concentrate, other wise you mess up.

Your own personal style icon? Now a-days – no one. There is a huge lack of style. Style isn’t the way you dress or act, but it is the way you live your life. It is a sense of being. All my icons are dead – great heroes from a time gone by. Audrey Hepburn and other great people from the 50’s and 60’s – manners, class, style and tastes. People full of post war glamour like Dior and Bulgari, or Liz Taylor and Richard Burton because they were so in love. People today can be cute, funny and good looking, but have know substance or depth.

By Sam Outing