Friday, 8 July 2011

Sultry Summer Scent

My published editorial -

 The enigmatic and charming French perfumer Francis Kurkdjian who is currently taking the world by storm has done it again, launching a new fragrance – Aqua Universalis forte.

Aqua Universalis - forte - Maison Francis KurkdjianWe are assured by Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris that the jump from eau de toilette (the only strength Aqua Universalis came in before) to parfum is no easy feat or decision to be taken lightly and only happens when the composition is considered so truly worthy of the time consuming and skilled process. So, in all honesty we are lucky the house deemed forte exquisite enough to make the cut, because quite frankly we can’t get enough of the stuff!

The notes of this newly concocted fragrance and fresh, smooth and perfectly seasonal with a strong Sicilian bergamot note, more green and brilliant than before. The other notes are an arousing mix of lily of the valley, seringa, Egyptian jasmine and Moroccan rose and bought to the fore by a masculine and earthy musky tone giving this scent a hidden depth to challenge the light summer florals.

The launch of this limited edition  forte is a result of the overwhelming popularity of  Aqua Universalis eau de toilette, an easily worn fresh daily scent with a captivating and pleasurable composition.

Aqua Universalis forte will be available in Liberty in early July.

By Sam Outing