Thursday, 14 July 2011

BLITZ Party London

My published editorial -

 Keep Calm & Carry On!

Londoner’s are famed for their fighting spirit against the odds and in adversity. In the current uncertain economic climate it seems only natural that we look back to a time where a stiff upper lip and a jolly good knees up were essential for survival.

Welcome to Blitz Party London, for those with a hankering for nostalgia and love of getting dressed up to the nines and dancing the night away to banish the doom and gloom.

Blitz Party is a 1940’s Battle of Britain/Blitz themed club night in the heart of east London’s (once, very bomb battered) Shoreditch and is the perfect escape from reality. Never have we seen such a flawless, orchestrated themed night; the period live bands, authentic beers, plenty of gin based cocktails and sand bags lining the walls captured the intoxicating spirit of war time London under the railway arches of club Village Underground.

But what really caught our eye were the outfits. So often with compulsory costume nights the girls rule the roost; red lipstick, drawn on stockings and tea dresses everywhere. But, what wowed the TSK troops were the gent’s transformation, suited and booted, their carefully pieced together uniforms stole the show!

It’s rare these days for guys to publicly enjoy taking such care in their fashion and fancy dress, but not at The Blitz Party. What The Blitz Party gives guys, is the perfect chance to man up, play the hero and be the medal wearing knight in shining armour.

Uniform and ceremony were key and on full display as the guys dressed up and played soldiers for the night, whisking up their romantic wartime sweethearts in officers uniforms. Fundamentally it was sexy – after all, who can refuse a man in uniform?

If you are lucky enough to have a ticket for this Saturday nights Blitz Party then TheStyleKing guarantees you a bloody marvellous night full of war time fun and enough bunting and Glen Miller to shake a Union Jack at.

By Sam Outing