Monday, 11 July 2011

Style Icon - James Franco

My published editorial -

With an over whelming sense of passion and enthusiasm in what ever he does Franco is not only talented, insanely cool and as sharp as a dart but has forged a career that’s both rich and diverse.

At only 32 and his career in its infancy Franco is famed as a multi faceted actor full of natural charm, dedication, love and passion for his work and of course has been helped along the way by his spell binding sultry looks and his mesmerising gaze.

His roles have become legend, from blockbusters like The Spider-Man Trilogy, to more poetic roles of personal struggle like Milk, 127 Hours (for which he received an Academy Award nomination) and Howl.

Franco is more than a Hollywood success story – more like creative genius and wit. With an unstoppable thirst for knowledge, since 2008 he has graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing, hopped over to New York to do Masters in Writing and Filmmaking and is now enrolled on a PHD at Yale whilst studying at The Rhode Island School of Design. Add producer, singers, author, poet and model to his CV and you have the man of the moment – Mr James Franco.

Proving he has box office appeal, acting ability and a strong academic aptitude, does Franco have what it takes to be labelled an Icon of Style? Of course he does!
He has a mysterious dark image, with the impression he was one of the cool kids at school; cheeky and a bit of bad ass. His style mirrors this image and is typically low key favouring the James Dean (for which he one a Golden Globe for playing) combo of fitted T’s, jeans and a relaxed leather jacket – a classic outfit staple for any mans wardrobe. He’s also one of the flawlessly lucky ones who look’s just as comfortable and collected in a suit as in anything else. Fundamentally Franco is a fan of formal wear, but making sure to adding to it a relaxed laid back twist.

Franco – the Hollywood heart throb, brimming with intelligence and a classic unbeatable style. But more than just an icon of style, he has become an inspirational icon of how to exploit your natural talents and improve on the rest…or at least of the rest of us, die trying.

By Sam Outing