Monday, 11 April 2011


My published editorial -

Few men can match Cary Grant’s status as a man so perfectly turned out that he looks effortless and natural.

With a successful career spanning more than three decades he was named the second Greatest Male Star of All Time and he starred in some of Hollywood’s finest and most iconic films; The Philadelphia Story, Arsenic and Old Lace, An Affair to Remember and To Catch a Thief to name but a few.

Cary Grant also appearing next to some of the worlds most beautiful and sort after women include Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly proving on screen his looks and style made him a Hollywood heartthrob.

In front of the lens, as well as behind Cary Grant portrayed him self as the British dandy and Casanova of the golden age. Oozing with charm and charisma with that devastating ability to woo his way into any screen sirens heart, his sharp, well assembled style of tailored suits and his own take on the popular, new trend of American ‘casual sports wear’ of the 1930’s did nothing but give added confidence and appeal to his effortless image.

Never seen in denim or jeans, he boasted his own take on casual, choosing chinos, slacks and plus fours with brogues and colourful socks. As well as the casual leisure wear of Los Angeles he also scrubbed up well, favouring blazers and sports jackets with an open neck or a tight high knotted tie, (No lazy knots and undone top buttons here) taking his formal wear seriously and often sported a pocket square or neck-a-chief, adding a flare of colour. Grant also popularised the masculine long formal trench coats and trilby hat. Whether it be on the decks of cruise ships or at the top of the Empire State building he posed as the embodiment of gentlemanly sophistication.

To perfect Mr Grant’s look would be to become the embodiment of the Sauvé leading man of legend; handsome, virile, charismatic, effortless and above all charming. You never know, it could lead to your very own affair to remember.