Saturday, 9 April 2011

Style Icon - Bryan Ferry

My published editorial -

The Style King has, of course, its style icons. And Bryan Ferry, British pop’s eccentric charmer, is the first to be championed.

From his introduction to fame with Roxy Music, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, right through to his solo-career years, Ferry’s cool demeanour and sense of style has never faltered.

As Roxy’s confident, slick-haired, leather-jacket-wearing vocalist, he led the band to three Number One albums and 10 Top Ten singles. He went solo in 1973, while remaining a member of Roxy, and is still a music guru and respected lyricist today. His latest album, Olympia, was launched in the autumn.

But Ferry isn’t known for his musical talents alone; his well-honed effortless style and his love of menswear have given him plenty of fashion credentials, too. In the Seventies, his edgy look influenced that of the flamboyant New Romantics and he quickly became an icon of steely cool, relaxed masculinity.

Now, aged 64, Ferry is still, arguably, as influential an arbiter of style as he was back then. Though he has now ditched the drainpipe jeans, open-necked silk shirts, zebra prints and military brocading in favour of more gentlemanly attire, he still stands out as someone with a sophisticated sense of style. Even though he may whip out a sequined blazer from time to time, he wears it with enviable finesse.

For those wishing to follow in his fashion footsteps, think floppy hair, white shirt, tailored jacket, black brogues. And don’t forget the most important ingredient: a tie. Ferry believes that what you wear contributes to how you perform, and is said to record all his albums wearing a tie. Adopt his look and you never know, it might even help you in your music endeavours, too…