Friday, 18 February 2011

Topman Control

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Trend setting Music for the Sartorial Topman

Topman topped the charts with  the first of their private gig collaborations with Channel 4 for the second series of Topman CNTL MX, presented by Huw Stevens, the witty Radio 1 presenter and guest controller and Inbetweeners star James Buckley who chose the bands for the night.

It was a great night of live performances from Pulled Apart By Horses and the main act Miles Kane who certainly wasn’t as intense or raucous as PABH but he stole the night with his distinctive Liverpudlian drawl, snappy style and rhythmic modish rock line up. Other artists of the night included States of Emotion, video feeds from Cock n Ball Kid from the USA and DJ Sian Anson from Rinse fm.

What was most striking was the entwined relationship between the hard hitting and arousing music of the live bands, who are all rising starts on the music scene and the revival in their collective sense of style which was aptly mirrored by their diehard fans.

Miles, who is becoming a bit of a style icon with his sharp tailored suits and scruffy bowl hair cut set the tone for the nights dedicated followers of fashion. The audience was a sea of skinny shrunken suits and drain pipe jeans with a real emphasis on 60’s fashion trends and the Mod style. A style which Miles seems to embody – from his raspy intense voice and retro Brit rock vibe of the band who were all dressed like 60’s throw backs, think early Beatles or The Kinks for inspiration.

This all added to the vibe of the night, which along with the on trend groupies and the bands, was fresh, vibrant and very sartorially cool. It was the perfect combination of on trend fashion and some of the best of British, and cutting edge music. Something felt real and exciting like you were witnessing the next big thing.

Other current trends were out in force too; the granddad sweater, Barbour’s and the unmistakable turns ups showing off ankles or colourful socks, but the Mod, as it did in Milan last month ruled the roast.

If the Miles Kane and his fans are anything to go by fashion is harking back five decades and its twist on traditional menswear. Style that mop top and pour yourself into some ankle swingers and rock out to retro.

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